Workshop on Race, Racism and Humanity in a Virtual Space 

This work is done in the spirit of having each person tap deeply into their humanity as they embark on new intellectual, personal and social experiences. Our work is collaborative and organic in that we are open to change that benefits an organization and the individuals in that organization.

Part 1: The Conversations (Small group, up to 25 participants). The goal is to allow every participant to enter a space that allows them to be open, honest, vulnerable and have an opportunity to build rapport. This is done in groups of 20-25 people. These are free-flowing conversations about how participants are feeling or have felt about the world in which they live. There are several anonymous survey-prompts that occur in real-time that help anchor feelings and open conversations about race, perspectives, actions, in-actions, understandings, and opportunities. The conversations last 1-1.5 hours each. 

Part 2: The Seven I(s) of Racism (participant size can vary). Racism is generally spoken in general terms that identify some individuals as bad people who commit bad acts or good people who “are not racist.” But a close look at the different kinds of racism demonstrates the ways that probably none of us are immune. In this session, we go through the complexity of racism, with real life examples. By the end, participants will have a greater awareness on how racism is as pervasive as the air we breathe and connected to critical historical moments. 

Part 3: The Work (participant size can vary). This a seminar-type workshop that creates spaces for participants to explore their own internal biases and how this may manifest in their lived lives, as well as in the work (e.g., intellectual, social, emotional) they do.

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