The Series: On Diversity & Inclusion, Readiness, Belonging, Implicit Bias and Creating New Narratives

Diversity and Inclusion Assessment

Organizations are more successful when they are diverse and inclusive. In this work, the individuals in an organization, from top to the bottom, have an opportunity to access the diversity and inclusion work being done or desired, and develop strategies to do and be better. The goal of this work is to get a realistic picture of what diversity and inclusion looks like for an organization, how it is defined by the constituents, and how it can be further developed for optimal outcomes in work relationships and productivity.


Readiness is the ability to act. It goes beyond desire. It is a state of being, an emotional and psychological consciousness that provides the foundation for action. Opportunities to experience, grow and change are ever present. And yet, many people are either consciously or unconsciously resistant, reluctant or unmotivated. In this workshop participants will learn about the complex web of thoughts, beliefs, desires and triggers that can facilitate the actualization of a personal or organizational ethos towards definitive actions in support of diversity, equity and inclusion. The intended outcome is for participants to be able to recognize personal levels of readiness, and to identify the inhibitors to and enhancers of one’s readiness.


This workshop explores what it means to be a part of a community as a participant and/or observer. It is especially relevant for individuals and groups engaging in cross-cultural work. Participants are given a series of individual and group exercises that explore group dynamics and how these are connected to the life experiences and goals of the participants. Participants are encouraged to develop skills around listening, observing and authentic “being”.

Implicit Bias

Micro and macroaggressions are oftentimes commonplace verbal or action-based insults, be they intentional or unintentional, that marginalize or “other” an individual or group. Micro and macroaggressions result from implicit biases, which are attitudes or feelings, either favoring or disfavoring, toward people or things. They exist below the level of consciousness, and may be acted upon. In this training, participants become more aware of their biased associations, where biased associations may come from, and how they may influence behaviors.

Creating New Narratives

 As we work to create a better world, better environments and better selves we will often want to create new stories or narratives about ourselves and our process. To do this, we engage in deep individual and group “core work” to create more emotion-based cognitive messages which have been shown to have more valence over fact-based ones.  

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